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Why We Don't Use Corporate Social Media

The primary method through which you can contact ASF Perth is through email, XMPP, and, alternatively, Signal. We discourage the use of corporate social media platforms, for their widely known and understood immoral and deceptive practices. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple all perform surveillance on the users of their communication and media viewing platforms, which is an invasion of people's privacy and an abrogation of people's computer and software freedoms. These enormous technology monopolies make billions of dollars spying on their users, and selling their user's metadata to political parties and other multinational conglomerates. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you cease using these communication platforms, and find alternative, more secure and freedom-respecting software to communicate with people over the internet using your smartphone or computer.


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ASF Perth XMPP Public Chat

The ASF Perth encourages you to become introduced to, and familiarised with XMPP. XMPP is a decentralised and highly secure end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) online messaging protocol. It is widely acknowledged and respected in the computer industry as currently being the best and most secure method of communicating privately or anonymously online. You can find the address to the ASF Perth Public XMPP chat here:

To join the conversation with us over XMPP, you will need an XMPP client. We highly recommend that you use the android smartphone XMPP client Conversations, and the PC XMPP client Gajim.